Sid has been developing his unique style of dyeing for decades. In the begining, it was more t-shirts and clothing. Although he still custom dyes clothing for people, now he dyes a lot of fabric as well. The fabric dyeing began shortly after I started quilting in 1998. We love the effect of his stars and flowers in quilt form and hope you do too.

  Stocked with fresh bolts of the Pimatex cotton he uses, he is busy making star/flower blocks right now. We plan to have these blocks as well as border fabrics available soon. For the moment, we are putting the items he makes for sale at

Over the years, a good deal of his work is done because of custom orders. If you like what he does, contact us and ask to make something for specifically for you. 'Custom order' doesn't mean it will cost more, it just means that it will get done. Any requests will be discussed fully and no order is too small or large. He will make you one 2" columbine or a football field sized tapestry. 

  As for Sid's fabrics, I'll tell you they are a joy to work with. The 100% cotton Pimatex is one of the most wonderful fabrics I've used in quilting because of the high quality and low lint factors. The rich colors of the Procion dyes used are color-fast and fade-resistant after Sid's process. Another aspect quilters will really enjoy is the fabulous textures that make it very fun, exciting, and forgiving to quilt on. 


Sid doesn't do computers, so feel free to contact him through me at: