Animal Care Fundraising Project

Custom made pet portraits using an actual photo of your beloved animal(s). The photo is transferred to fabric and borders are added to create a framed picture look. It is then heavily quilted/embroidered to give it the life and character that makes our best friends shine. There are over 45,000 stitches in Shadow's quilt and 58,000 stitches in Sassy. Shadow almost died a little while ago due to urinary blockage. My fantasitic vet saved his life and Shadow grows stronger and happier everyday. He does, however, still need another surgery to relieve his life of pain.

Every Pet Portrait quilt purchased will go to helping pay for some animal's veterinary care. After I raise the funds for Shadow's surgery, I will continue to donate at least 50% of the profits from these quilts to animal care funding. The donations will be split up with the lion's share of 25% going to my local Nederland Veterinary. The other 25% will go to larger scale funds such as PetAid Colorado, Humane Society, and others as I do my research to see where money should go to be the most helpful.

This 13" x 15" quilt is one page of printer fabric and with borders added.

Price: $75.00 Plus shipping and 2.9% sales tax if app.

How it works:

1) First, get in touch with me. You can send an email to rebeccah@mountainjoyquilts.com to open discussions.

2) Attach the digital you want reproduced.

3) Please give me the name(s) and any characteristics that are important that don't show in the photo. Example: Shadow's photo has yellow eyes and I know for a fact that his eyes are green.

4) I will get touch with you to confirm you order and all of it's details. I like to know I've got everything correct to create unique portrait of your friends. Note: They don't have to be furry to be friendly in my program. I will quilt single animals or best freinds together or whole herds in the valley. I will quilt whatever your friends happen to be cats, dogs, iguanas, llamas.

These quilts make great gifts or personal keepsakes while helping animals that are in need. This is going to be an ongoing project as long as people who support it. I will be keeping track of our supporters names along their portraited friends on my special PAWS OF FAME wall. I will also be keeping a list of funds donated and where. I would love to make this project a huge success and would love for those lists to be long. Let's get to funding some animal care!

I'm sure this page will be changing as I define my goals and visions of making this dream come true for my Shadow and so many other best buddies. I just needed to get the page up so I could start sharing this. It was time for me to act on this. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will spread the word about this project.á




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ÉTurn your photographs into quilted memories.

Contributers to the Quilts for Paws Project:

Barb and Frank Miller

Nancy Evans

Dana Jones