Mountainjoy Quilts

Rebeccah Joyce, Owner

P.O.Box 274, Rollinsville, CO, 80474




Do you have a quilt kit that you would like done? Have you bought the fabrics and pattern, but don't have the time? I can help you with that as well. I will only accept complete kits. That means please no UFO's, I have enough of my own flying around the studio. I would however love to help you get those quilts out of the closet and to whoever they belong to.

My pricing for this is simple. I charge $20.00/hour plus the cost of thread. I am quick, efficient, and precise. I also keep a stop watch by my sewing station to keep accurate time. Amount of time and thread will both be variable depending on the project. I can piece a simple baby quilt in a matter of hours. The quilt shown was large and intricate and took over 100 hours.

I have always experimented and done whatever works. This "anything can be done" attitude has made me become skilled in various piecing techniques from chain & curve piecing to hand or fusible applique.

Feel free to contact me for an estimate: