In 2010, I attended Innovations Quilt conference in Washington state. While there, I had the chance of meeting and speaking with a very famous quilter who happens to be psychic as well.  After a brief conversation with my mother & I, this quilter suddenly asked, "which one of us was the plant person, the herbalist, the healer?" Well, that was me. She then looked me directly in the eyes and told me, "You are supposed to be making healing quilts." 
  I felt like I had been charged with this mission to make healing quilts. I was all in. My only problem was, as an artist, what were they supposed to look like? I know can sew my intentions into anything, but I didn't know what designs these quilts should take. This mulled in my brain and spirit for quite a while. 
Now, for a little more revealing of my story. I was gifted the equipment to make this business happen when my husband fractured his C2 back in 2007. There were some rough years in there, if you can imagine, as PTSD attacked my husband and then me, the caregiver. My husband has healed through the years, but I had some build up without release. I sought the help of a friend and Reiki master last fall.
  After a few sessions that helped my body and soul on so many levels, I discovered that my healing quilts might be found in this new light. I told my Reiki practioner of the quilts and he taught me and attuned me to the 2nd degree so that I could impart my intentions into these quilts. It was making my gift of gratitude to him that I found the first design for the quilts.
  The quilt I made for him is pictured on this page. It was designed so that it could be hung or rolled up and taken with him as he does a lot of travel sessions. It has the 7 chakra colors and cooresponding gemstones that can be removed from the pockets and used individually. The size of the quilt also came out so that it pretty much aligns with the actual body chakras if you wanted to drape it over your chest (that was accident).
  I will be making some general healing quilts to put for sale on my Etsy site, but I would prefer to do these as custom orders. I would like to form deeper connections for better healing intent. If you choose to share your story with me (& I hope you do), please know that I will keep it quite confidential. I do highly believe in people sharing their own stories when only they are ready.
  I can construct these quilts with or without the gemstones. I can change the hanging options. I am also thinking of a line of individual chakra quilts as well. Single color/stone blocks that could be bought seperately or as a set. I really am open to all possiblities here. I would love to work with you and create something special for your healing needs.
I recently met a wonderful massage therapist and we got together to create my Reiki quilts as mat covers for the amazing Richway Biomats. Once again, these cover sleeves can be tailored to achieve your specific needs. They also have a hidden hang sleeve in them if you want to use it as a wall piece between healings.
Please contact me with any questions. 
Rebeccah of Mountainjoy