Custom Quilts

  I would also like to extend my services to encompass your imaginations. I have created many custom quilts for happy clients. I would be honored to translate your vision into fabric or create something special and unique for you. Prices will definitely be discussed individually.

  One of my more popular designs is the Seed of Life. It is an ancient design said to represent life on Earth. I have sold 4 very differently tailored Seeds and made many others. In fact, I still have to quilt the one that we used as a Huppah for our wedding. The tie dyed Seed of Life is beautiful and versitile design. 

  One type of quilt I find myself doing for others is the remembrance quilts. These are quilts that celebrate or honor any occasion. Think of how many occasions there are throughout a life. I have made quilts for births, deaths, graduations, weddings, group events. Each of these is such a unique way to mark an event. The whole family signed two types of fabric at my grandmother's 85th birthday party. One set was made into a beautiful album quilt by my aunt. I took the green fabric and made the family tree with all our names on it. I have made 3 different quilts using lifetime collections of silk ties. 

The possibilities are endless. What can I help you create today?

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Fire Seed

Runner's T-shirt Quilt

Silk Cabin Quilt 2011