Mountainjoy Quilts, Rebeccah Joyce, Owner


  Mountainjoy is my home and studio located high in the Colorado Rockies. It is where a variety of artwork happens. My husband & I each have many hobbies.People say we collect hobbies. It's true. I am gardener, pastry chef, herbalist, and fiber artist. My husband is a tie-dyer, brewer,screen printer, and chef. I have only named a few of the things we do. Where we really shine is when I quilt his tie dyes.


  Sid studied textile design at Skidmore College. He has been tie-dyeing since 1973 and selling work since 1984. When I began quilting in 1998, he started dyeing fabrics for me. Our colloraborative efforts have yeilded magnificent results. Sid says that I turn his pop art into fine art. We have made many quilts together for gifts, sales, and a few contests.

In the spring 2010, my quilting skills took the long arm leap. I was blessed with a Handi-Quilter "Fusion" long arm and several educational opportunities. My most humble gratitude goes to those family members that helped make this happen. I have been quilting along happily with high speed precision ever since. It has been quite an adventure setting up Mountainjoy Quilts. I am offering a variety of my services which include long arm quilting, binding, top piece work, and custom made quilts. I look forward to helping you finish your quilts with love and care.

  We also hope to have Sid's hand dye fabrics and kits available in the near future. We will continue to sell through our web store at I also share odds and ends of our tale on my blogsite

  I do have a dog and two cats that keep me company as I quilt. My house is an open floor plan so there is no blocking them out. The pets behave themselves quite well around the quilts. In fact, they just love to sleep in the sun that comes through the fully-windowed south facing wall. We have had many a glorious afternoon soaking up the light and warmth from the sun. I don't let them near quilts, but if allergies are a problem, I might not be the best quilter to choose.

  Thank you for visiting. Once again, I am very excited to share my quilting with you. I know we will create wonderful keepsakes to be used, treasured and loved. May the magic of quilts abound!


Please contact me with any questions: or

P.O. Box 274, Rollinsville, CO, 80474