The Boulder County Flood Commenoration Quilt
To be hanging at the Boulder County Courthouse
Detail from Ohashi

  Shadow, the Creator of Quilts for Paws Project

Welcome to Mountainjoy!

  Long arm quilting and custom quilts are created with care and consiousness at Mountainjoy.  I love every aspect of quilting from the design stages and the construction of the tops to the quilting itself.  There is something very special about quilts and how they make people feel.  Quilts have a way of being precious.  Perhaps because the thought, care, and love put into them is as important as the design elements involved.  Quilts touch us with every stitch and they tell stories.  Each story is as unique as it's creator.  

See if you can piece together some of my story while looking at my gallery of the wide variety of quilts I have created.

I look forward to being able to fulfill your quilting dreams.  It would be my honor to enhance your wonderful work or create something special just for you or someone you love.  


Rebeccah of Mountainjoy


Updated:  9/8/2014 * photos added                            

Current Return Time:  2 weeks from receiving



Services Offered Include:

*Long Arm Quilting

*Custom Quilts (our hand dyes or your kits)

*Quilt Piecing & Binding


 Rebeccah Joyce, Owner  * P.O. Box 274, Rollinsville,CO, 80474  * 303-258-7428  *